Treat Yourself This Christmas With Freddy Velvet WR.UP® Jeans

It’s not too late to pick up that special gift for Christmas – and who says you can’t treat yourself? Freddy Velvet WR.UP® Jeans are now in store in Cuba Clothing!


Just in time for the Holidays, Cuba Clothing are delighted to announce a new addition to our inventory in stores across Northern Ireland. The highly popular Freddy Velvet WR.UP® Shaping Effect Jeans are now available to Christmas shoppers in Belfast, Cookstown and Omagh. At £74.95, this range of Freddy denim comes with a choice of three colours: navy, green and black.

Wearing WR.UP® means bringing up your curves in a natural way, whilst always being up to the task. With a mid-rise waist and skinny fit, Cuba’s range of Freddy Velvet WR.UP® Shaping Effect Jeans come with a specifically designed polyester fabric which creates a luxurious suede effect. Heavyweight stretch cotton guarantees a good look without the expense of comfort, sculpting the body’s natural curves whilst keeping the jeans pushed up and in place.

The unique construction of this garment along with its exclusively treated fabric creates a unique effect of moving sweat away from your body. D.I.W.O.® fabric keeps your skin virtually dry, whilst helping your body to maintain a constant temperature. WR.UP® Jeans have remained a bestseller since their release, in part thanks to this innovative technology built into the fabric.

The perfect amount of stretch is combined with strategically placed panels on the front and back of the jeans, further enhancing the smoothing and shaping effect seen in this fast-selling garment. The anatomical design features various bends of the insert, covering the buttocks with a modelling and holding effect. Meanwhile, the shape of the crotch seen in Freddy Velvet WR.UP® Jeans make sure that the garment perfectly fits with the inter-buttock groove, inducing a push-up pressure.

The celebrated WR.UP® technology in this garment allows you to enhance your femininity through an embracing effect on the legs and waist, accentuating the delicate points of your legs. Acute research and certification by numerous exclusive patents has created a garment that we at Cuba Clothing are proud to offer our customers.

Launched in 2012, Freddy WR.UP® Jeans have become a fashion must-have for women sensitive to the latest denim trends. Now, Cuba Clothing offers shoppers the Velvet range, designed to show the best of your figure.


Freddy Velvet WR.UP® Shaping Effect Jeans are on sale at Cuba Clothing for £74.95 and are available for local and international shipping. To browse Freddy denim and other products, visit our website or call into one of our three stores.