Ties and Pocket Squares

At Cuba Clothing, we have a fantastic range of suits, blazers and shirts to choose from, but there are a couple of important elements you should consider to complete your look. By adding a tie and/or a pocket square you are ensuring that your outfit is stylish and fits the occasion. These accessories are also a great way to add some colour to your outfit and show a little of your personality. The general style for men has become more casual over the years, but many celebrities are pioneering the tie and pocket square as a great way to enhance their outfit.

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A tie is a long piece of coloured material that is tied around the neck to accompany a shirt, whereas a pocket square is a folded piece of coloured fabric shown poking out from the top pocket of a jacket.

The origin of the modern tie is thought to date back to the 17th Century during the 30-year war in France when King Louis XIII hired Croatian Mercenaries whose uniform was tied at the top with a piece of cloth. King Louis liked the decorative effect and made wearing a ‘cravat’ mandatory at royal gatherings. The style worn today emerged in the 1920s in America when NY tie maker developed a way of cutting and sewing the fabric so that it would keep its shape. Ties have been used for years as a symbol of belonging to a group such as a sports club or particular school. Alongside the development of the tie came the many different knots and ways of tying it.

A pocket square originated from the use of a handkerchief which was a piece of cloth used by civilisations like the ancient Egyptians and Greeks and would contain perfumes to cover unpleasant smells. The handkerchief developed throughout Europe and came in expensive fabrics with embroidered details. They started to be given as gifts and handed down through generations. It is thought that the pocket square was developed in the 19th century with the introduction of 2-piece suits when men wanted to separate their handkerchief from the coins and other dirty objects in their pocket. The handkerchief is put in the left breast pocket and can be folded in different ways to create interest.

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A tie is often a symbol of belonging to a group, but it is also worn at certain events, or simply for fashion purposes. A tie makes a suit appear more formal and smart and it is seen as a compulsory addition when the occasion is formal. A tie should be worn at a wedding, black-tie dinner, or important religious occasions such as a christening or confirmation. It is a way of showing that the occasion is an important one and that you have made the effort to dress up. At a wedding, ties are also used to show who is part of the bridal party and the men will all usually wear the same colour.

Ties are often a must have accessory when going for a job interview as you want to look your best and make a good impression by looking sharp and well put together. Similarly, if you have an office job, networking event, or are meeting with clients you may be expected to wear a suit and tie to look business-like.  Ties used to be an everyday staple item for men but increasingly they are becoming an accessory that is only worn for more formal occasions or when there is a particular dress code expected.

A pocket square is seen much less frequently than a tie but it creates a very dapper look when worn with a suit or blazer. A pocket square is often worn with a tie, but it is a great way of adding colour to your jacket when you are not wearing a tie. It will also create a more formal and stylish feel to your look when you do not want to go to the extent of wearing a tie.

Ties and pocket squares are great ways to make your outfit look more polished and stylish. Wearing these items shows that you have thought about your look and gives that ultimate gentlemanly appearance.

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Both ties and pocket squares come in a vast array of colours and patterns so you need to pick one that compliments your outfit or makes a statement. Adding a tie and/or pocket square is a great way to change the look of your outfit without having to buy many different clothes.

The colour of your tie will depend on the colour of the shirt as they sit against each other whereas you can have more freedom with a pocket square. You can match plain coloured ties to shirts very easily, or you can be more adventurous and match patterns. The rule of thumb is to vary the pattern size so if you have a large stripe on a shirt pair it with a smaller striped tie. Good classic colours to stick to for beginners are red, navy and grey as these will go with most of your shirts. The colour and pattern will depend on its purpose and you probably won’t want to wear clashing colours and patterns to a formal corporate business meeting. Whereas occasions like weddings are a great time to push the boundaries and can be a conversation piece.

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There are various ways to tie your tie with knots such as the Windsor, Half Windsor, and Four in Hand. These will most likely differ from the way you tied your school tie and are worth learning. There is no point having a nice tie if you are not going to knot it properly. Thin ties benefit from one of the wider style knots, and thicker ties should use one of the more simple styles.

Pocket squares are slightly easier to deal with and have the main shapes of straight, peak and puff. The straight style means the top of the pocket square is parallel to the pocket edge, the peak styles are where the triangle shape pokes out, and the puff is a looser more casual peak shape.

For a fantastic range of ties and pocket squares to match you Cuba jacket just visit us in store. We will help you match the best accessories to your outfit and can also help you learn to tie your tie or fold your pocket square.