They’ve Finally Arrived: Men’s One Size Jeans by Cuba

They’ve finally arrived! Cuba Clothing are delighted to announce the arrival of one of our very own, independently produced garments: one size jeans for men.

Recently featured on Business Insider, Cuba’s one size jeans offer a skinny fitting without compromising on stretch: the jeans comfortably fit a leg length up to 34″ and a waist size from 28″ to 36″. Praising the latest addition to the Cuba denim range, fashion bloggers said that “they look and feel like denim, but have the breathability of leggings”.

Now available in store or via our website for international and domestic shipping, we are proud to introduce the long-awaited range of Cuba one size jeans to our inventory. Getting your hands on a trending, yet comfortable pair of jeans can be difficult. Luckily, the designers at Cuba Clothing have a solution.

Cuba’s one size jeans aren’t only versatile in their size and fitting. This range of denim can be easily worn as part of both daywear or evening styles. Style your Cuba jeans for those brighter January afternoons, or adapt the jeans with sweatshirts, canvas shoes or even trainers for a night out.

With over twenty years’ of experience in the world of fashion and denim, we are ecstatic to see the arrival of our very own range of products. We are committed to reflecting the evolution of fashion, and that is seen in our diverse range of jeans – specific fits, superior material quality and that all-important attention to detail.

Cuba’s men’s one size jeans are available for £54.95. Get your pair in light denim, dark denim or black on our website, or in one of our four stores in Belfast, Dungannon, Omagh or Cookstown.