Innovative Secrid Miniwallets now available at Cuba Clothing

Gone are the days when hefty coins and crinkled paper notes served as the main method of payment.  

Across Northern Ireland and across the world, consumers and businesses are embracing the high-tech card as a rapid and convenient replacement to this increasingly outdated method of payment.

New methods of payment must be contained within a new, innovative wallet – and that’s where Cuba Clothing come in. As we approach Christmas, with the opening of new premises in Belfast – Cuba are delighted to announce that ultra-secure Secrid miniwallets are now in store for winter shoppers.

Balancing security and style can often be difficult. Thanks to the designers at Secrid, that difficulty is no more. Small on the outside, yet big on the inside, each and every Secrid wallet sold at Cuba Clothing incorporates the revolutionary, slimlined aluminium Cardprotector.

Like a firewall in your pocket, the Secrid Cardprotector robustly challenges and prevents any effort to remotely hack your card’s wireless technology. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) cards incorporate antennas for wireless transactions – a convenient and modern way of paying for your goods. What is less known is that these cards can be selected, copied and activated from a great distance, all without you noticing. Fraudulent activity is on the increase – luckily, Secrid wallets have you covered.

The Secrid Cardprotector substantially reduces the sensitivity for radio signal, whilst granting you enough signal strength to go about your business. Simply slide your card 3cm out of the wallet to complete your transaction, and keep yourself outside the reach of tech-pickpockets. Each wallet has a unique serial number, giving you that extra confidence to protect your money over the Christmas season.

Security innovation isn’t the only string to Secrid’s bow. The company has all but brought the leather industry back to the Netherlands with a range of efficient and clean products never seen before in Europe. Produced in favourable conditions by skilled staff across Holland, Secrid customers can purchase these wallets in the confidence that their money will contribute to the company’s wider social enterprise.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2010, the Secrid Cardprotector joins a growing list of award-winning products in the inventory of Cuba Clothing. Knowledge and experience have combined to create the ultimate cardholder – and now it can be yours.

The Aluminium Award-winning are now available at Cuba Clothing for £49.95. Protect your money in style this winter!