Define Your Winter Style With Suits at Cuba Clothing

As we enter the festive season, a month of parties, dinners and social gatherings lie ahead for the shoppers in Belfast and beyond.

With the topic of Christmas parties, that same old question immediately springs to the fashion-conscious mind – what to wear? Christmas can sometimes be stressful – so let the team at Cuba Clothing step in to solve your festive fashion burdens.

Christmas calls for something extra special – it is only once a year, after all. Luckily for December party-goers, Cuba Clothing is delighted to boast a range of suits, blazers and sports jackets to accommodate all budgets.

For fans of Cuba Clothing’s unique approach to fashion, the retailer is proud to offer its own handcrafted suits in a variety of styles. Handcrafted in Portugal by highly-skilled and experienced tailors, Cuba Clothing’s collection of suits are designed strictly according to Cuba specifications. As is always the case, Cuba’s specifications place style as the key priority – whether the suit is for a business meeting or the office Christmas party everyone has been waiting for, the team at Cuba have you covered. Who knew looking good was so easy?

Aside from our very own collection of handmade suits, Cuba are delighted to offer winter shoppers a variety of elegant suits from Guide, JOOP!, Harry Brown and Mish Mash. Diverse and timeless pieces allow Cuba customers to style a range of jackets that be paired with denim for a casual night out, or with matching pants and a suit vest to complete a more sophisticated ensemble. Dress one of our many blazers up with a simple shirt and dark jeans to nail that well-groomed, yet casual look this Christmas.

Joop! suits, now available at Cuba Clothing

Joop! suits, now available at Cuba Clothing

With the ever-growing Christmas shopping lists, it can be difficult to decide on what suit matches your style – and that’s where the team at Cuba Clothing come in. Our experienced and passionate staff can guide you through the suit-buying process, recommending a range of suits to fit your style, tone and body type.

For those desiring some winter suit styling tips, Cuba Clothing are happy to offer some expert advice. Thank us in the new year…

1.Wear an overcoat

A sleek overcoat will grab attention, sealing a great first impression. What’s more, it keeps you warm! Make sure the sleeves of the coat completely cover your suit sleeves. Length wise, your overcoat should be between your knees and ankles. Try it on over your suit before you buy to ensure the ideal fit.2.

2. Get the layers on

An extra layer can be the difference between relaxing warmth and uncontrollable shivers. Slip on some thermals or a base layer which won’t alter the fit of your clothes!

3. Think about fabric 

Whilst a worsted wool suits will wear well and keep you warm in a range of temperatures, a tweed suit is a timeless classic and will surely keep you warm. If tweed isn’t your style, consider herringbone – it is heavy, warm and it’s unique pattern looks great.

4. Add a hat and scarf

Whilst hats are currently on trend, scarfs are timeless and prevent body heat from escaping from your suit. Keep your scarf as simple as possible. Remember hat and scarf etiquette – indoors only!

Cuba Clothing are proud to offer a range of suits for the fashion-conscious party-goer this winter. To browse and buy, call into one of our stores, or visit our website.