A Closer Look – Superdry at Cuba

The Superdry brand brings the elements of Japanese graphics and skater-wear to create this incredibly popular British streetwear style. The brand was founded in 2003 and has grown in popularity to become one of fashion’s success stories and their clothes and accessories are now sold to over 100 countries worldwide. Cuba Clothing is delighted to stock this fantastic brand both in-store and online.

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The company was founded by Julian Dunkerton and James Holder in Cheltenham in 2003. Julian had a clothing stall in Cheltenham market and then started the clothing shop Cult Clothing. He opened stores in university cities such as Belfast, Edinburgh and Cambridge and sold a vintage-looking Americana-style range of garments that became very popular, especially among students and other young adults. James created hand-printed t-shirts and then founded the well-known brand Bench that took inspiration from skaters clothing, and often had the popular ‘thumb-hole’ feature in its tops and coats. Their clothes were styled as casual and utilitarian, with skater and military-inspired design features. The style at the time was very accessible as it showed little distinction between menswear and womenswear, with the clothing consisting largely of t-shirts, combat-style trousers jackets, and shirts.

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Julian brought his love of streetwear, vintage washes, and tailoring, while James brought his passion for typography, graphic design, and screen-printing to create the Superdry brand. After their inspirational trip to Tokyo, the range still often features Japanese-style lettering and symbols. The garments use high-quality fabrics and British tailoring styles to create very fashionable and popular clothes. Although the brand had never particularly sought out celebrity endorsement, their clothes became famous after David Beckham wore one of their Osaka 6 t-shirts in his calendar. From an initial collection of five t-shirts, they have grown to offer seasonal collections comprising of thousands of items and over 500 individual logos. In 2015, they collaborated with the actor and rapper Idris Elba, and after opening their first flagship store on London’s Regent Street in 2011 they now have over 500 Superdry branded stores across the world. The brand has a cult celebrity following and is one of the most successful British clothing labels to date.

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Superdry clothing now covers everything from their famous t-shirts, to shoes, jeans and jackets. The women’s’ style consists of unique pieces from skater and bodycon dresses to warm coats and fashionable footwear. They fuse comfort with individual detailing and functionality to create perfect garments that are highly desirable. See our Cuba Clothing collection here.

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Superdry is currently run under the parent company Supergroup Plc and continues to be a highly desirable brand for both men and women. They have kept to their roots, as despite their global success, their main headquarters are still in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.


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