5 Rules to Finding Figure Flattering Jeans

Once you find the perfect pair of figure flatting jeans, you’ll never want to let them go. They say you’ll never forget your first love, but the truth is – you’ll never forget (or part) with your first perfect pair of jeans. They are as rare as diamonds and should be cherished as the staple piece of your wardrobe. They must be both flattering and extremely comfortable to wear. So, without further delay lets go through the top 5 rules to finding the perfect pair of figure flattering jeans that will make your curves POP!

RULE #1: Focus on Fit

We’ve all been there. In one store you fit perfectly into a size 8 and in the next you’re feeling pretty snug in a size 12. Don’t stress about it! There is no universal sizing chart and most brand sizes vary slightly, which is why it is important to focus on fit rather than the label on a pair of jeans. Grab two sizes to take with you to the fitting room and choose the pair that fits the best. Ignore the number and fall in love with the denim!12522924_1974125819478387_1598197634012273402_n

RULE #2: Opt for a Darker Wash

Darker wash jeans are far more flattering than a lighter wash. They are ideal for versatility since they are perfect for work and a night out with the girls. Jeans with a darker wash tend to look more polished than their lighter counterparts. They are very slimming and look great with a fitted blouse for work or a tank top for a more casual look.12417922_1974105332813769_7906062537478470463_n

RULE #3: Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

It’s important that you choose a pair of jeans that you feel comfortable in, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Jeans come in a range of styles such as boot cut, skinny, straight leg, super skinny, low rise, mid-rise and high waist etc. Try on a range of styles and you might be surprised to find which pair looks the best on you. Be open and willing to experiment!figure flattering jeans

RULE #4: Put Quality First

It can be tempting to opt for the cheapest pair of jeans but more often than not, there is a pressing reason as to why these jeans are so inexpensive. If you want to find that perfect pair of jeans, go for quality above all else. A good pair of jeans will last you a lifetime. If you have a set budget, keep to it. But don’t buy the cheapest jeans you can find if they will wear down and tear after only a few washes. Choose the jeans with elements that help balance out your problem areas whilst drawing the eye to your best features.12509250_1974125852811717_7670512685001218523_n

RULE #5: Dress for your Shape

In order to find your most figure flattering jeans, you have to dress for your body shape. The Freddy WR.UP jeans are specifically designed to flatter any figure. They are made with high quality cotton jersey fabric, paired with the right amount of stretch that shapes and sculpts the waistline and lifts the bottom. The anatomical shape of these jeans create an instant modelling and holding effect. They push up the bottom, giving you instant curves in all the right places. Within the hip/thigh level of the jeans is an extra light silicone membrane that is used to create that desirable modelling and holding effect. A customised silicone band adds further emphasise on curves. 12507090_1974105339480435_3889206207472364130_nThe WR.UP jeans come in a range of styles to suit and flatter each body type. To make the choice easier we have compiled a few pieces of advice for different kinds of body shapes as well as the perfect pair of Freddy jeans that will suit your frame:

10314738_1974125869478382_4317265776687649751_nHourglass Figure: Choose a mid-rise pair of jeans with a wide-leg and flat front to put emphasise on your curves. This style will also be incredibly slimming and flattering on you.

Pear-Shaped Figure: If you have any tapered legged jeans in your wardrobe, get rid of them immediately because they aren’t doing you any favours. Instead, opt for a trouser style jean or a pair with a flare. Medium and dark washed jeans will be the most flattering.

Rectangle Figure: Boot-cut and flared jeans are perfect for the straight up and down figure. These will add the illusion of curves and make you appear more balanced.

Apple Figure: If you have a larger mid-section, choose a pair of moderate rise jeans which will flatten your stomach and keep everything in place.

Plus-Size Figure: Choose boot-cut or straight jeans with a medium rise. To slim your figure, go for a dark wash pair of jeans that will flatter you the most.

Petite Figure: Slim-cut, boot-cut and cropped skinny jeans all add length to your legs. A light wash will add extra curves to your figure.

Tall and Lean Figure: A well-fitted pair of jeans is ideal for you tall ladies. Choose a narrow straight-legged jean to show off those long legs. Flare jeans will also look great on you.